All About: Dried Fruit and Berries

We answer your most frequently asked questions about fruit and berries

Q: What is the difference between dried fruit and dehydrated fruit?

A: Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are gaining popularity as healthy travel-friendly snacks. While these foods sound very similar, they are not quite the same. 

  • Freeze-dried:  This process removes almost all of the water content from fruit, making it lighter, and gives it a more airy texture. Because of the lower water content, freeze-dried snacks have a long shelf life. 
  • Dehydrated: This process removes up to 80% of water content, which renders a chewier product (with the exception of some fruit, like bananas).

Q: Where can I purchase bulk dried fruit and dried berries?

A: You can purchase a wide variety of bulk dried fruit and dried berries from the Vending Nut Company. For wholesale prices: Call 1-800-429-9260

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