All About Pecans

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the state nut of Texas: The Pecan

Q: Do all pecans come from Texas?

A: Pecans are the only commercially grown nut in the state of Texas. The pecan tree is native to 152 counties in the state and is grown commercially in 30 additional counties. While the pecan is often associated with Texas, it is also grown elsewhere. 80% of the pecans are grown in Texas and Georgia, but they are also grown in Louisiana, Arizona, and Mexico. View our selection of pecans here.

Q: Where can I buy locally sourced pecans?

A: At Vending Nut Company, we always try to source our pecans from Texas when they are available.

Q: Where can I purchase bulk pecans?

A: Vending Nut Company offers a wide variety of bulk nuts, including pecans! If you are interested in purchasing wholesale, call 1-800-429-9260.

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